Resume Tips & Samples for 14 Professions

To land up in a good job, the most important thing that you should take care is your resume. You may have a very good academic record, you may have a fantastic communication skill, you may be very efficient at work, but if your resume is not good, then you won’t even get the opportunity to showcase your talents to the prospective employers. So, it is mandatory to take care of the resume that you write.


There is basically no hard and fast rule for writing resume that you have most probably heard from the grapevine. But yes, you must be very careful while selecting some formal fonts and formats while writing.

The resume should be compact and crisp that would draw the attention of the employers on the very first site. Once you are selected based upon your resume, then you get the chance to impress the interviewers and bag the job that you longed for.

But for different profession the resume should be written differently. You should learn the technique of writing a good resume as per your job profile or you should hire professionals to do this work for you.

Resume Tips & Samples for 14 Professions

  1. Cashier Resume with Samples


Cashier is the backbone of any company. If you are a cashier and want to change your job, then you need to highlight your career objectives and academics properly in your resume. You must have good phone etiquette, should be able to resolve customer disputes and you should mention all these in your resume.

  1. Bookkeeping resumes with samples


Keeping all the tracks of the transactions by a company and all the minute details is not at all a cake walk. But this work is done easily by the professional bookkeepers. If you are a bookkeeper, then in your resume you must write your career objective clearly at the beginning, then you should write why you will be an asset for the company and the skills you have that are unique.

  1. Bartender Resume Samples and Tips


As the job itself is an offbeat career path, similarly, the resume also needs to be something unique. A must have communication skill, creative skills, passion for creating standard drinks are some of the characters that you should have and also mention perfectly in your resume.

  1. 5+ Best Dental Assistant Resume


dental assistant

Writing a dental assistant resume, you need to be much creative to stand few steps ahead of the crowd. You should summarize all info as much as you can to showcase your skills. Proper format also needs to be chosen to write a good resume. Make the contact details bold and clear so that it draws the attention of the employers.

  1. 7 Free Housekeeping Resumes To Get You Started


The job of housekeeping is in high demand these days and many people are competing for few vacancies. But if you want to stay ahead of the crowd, then you should add the specific skills that you think will give you some added advantage.

  1. Free Open Office Resume Templates

If you feel that Microsoft office is bit costly for your pocket and you need some free options that will have amazing editing features and templates, then you must try Free Open office Resume Templates.

  1. How To Write Executive Resume

To get a job profile of executive of any company, the first thing you should do is remove the flowery and catchy career objective. Though it is very important for most resumes from different sectors, but for executive level resume it’s a big “NO”.

  1. 10 Best Nursing Resume Templates


For writing a nursing resume, you should not try too much experiments. You should stay simple in your words as the HR manager will be having only 30 seconds to scan your resume. Just write your experiences and keep it simple silly.

  1. 5 Best Free Resume Builder: Swift and fast resume building!

Best free resume builders can build you resume in whichever industry you may be in. A perfect format and professional tone will be observed in the best free resume builder. Also the writing would be fast and error-free.

  1. 20 best free resume templates microsoft word

Microsoft word has all the necessary free templates that will help you to write resumes easily.

  1. 30 Amazing CV/Resume To Impress Your Recruiter

Every professional wants to get noticed by creating an outstanding resume. But for that you need to follow some amazing CV/Resume tips.

  1. Amazing Collection Of Free CV/Resume Templates

To compose an amazing CV/Resume, you can find free templates that will suit your job profile. CV/Resume format must be as per the profile you want to get a job.

  1. How to write a Resume

Many of us do not know how to write a resume. For this purpose, you can check the free resume templates that will work best for you.

  1. Building a Resume Cover Letter Template that works

A good resume must have an attractive cover letter. For writing a great cover letter, you can get the templates that work for you.

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