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Why Agario Private Servers?

Few weeks ago, my friend shared he was super unlucky being unable to play Agario on his workstation only because his work network was configured to block online gaming websites. What else could be more mind-numbing for a man who really loves online games? Now, it’s time to solve this problem once and for all so we are introducing our Agario private servers. Using these private stuffs, you can play Agario game from each and every corner of the world if you have just two things; access to the web and you know the other one very well (web browser, of course). Make sure, have you?

Play Agario Unblocked Game from Agario Private Server

Agario Private Server - techie99

Agario Private Server

Agario Unblocked and Agario are literally the same thing since at Agario Unblocked, you play absolutely the same Agario game via a private server. Our private servers to configured in such a way that they don’t get nine-banged by the network fences set in your office or school. When you play at Agario private server, you have simply the same experience as you have playing at the official site. Odds are, you have to move around the map eating other cells and grow bigger in size to be ‘you-can’t-kill-me-hahah-!’.

Believe it or not, it can be really difficult for you (much more if you are new) even to fool around the map since there are many guys who are ready to swallow you so that they can get bigger and bigger and again, bigger! Agario unblocked came into operation on May 2015 with the android version of the game released in month of July the same year.


Here are the links to a few Agario Private Server picked by us. They can be gained access to from any network:

Become an Agario Master Using Agario Private Servers

First of all, for becoming an Agario master, you must be familiar with all the tactics used while playing the game. For instance, one of the weirdest tips can be not to go near Chinese players. Those Chinese pegs are always gigantic than other pegs wondering around the map. Using the Agario private servers will further help you guys add up a bit more minutes into your playtime. The goal of Agario unblocked game is to make sure players get to play, no matter wherever they are or whatever they are up to. When you improve your playing times, you are just a few steps away to honor yourself with the title of ‘Agario Master’.

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You have to grow the cell that belongs to you and for this, you must swallow other cells fooling around you while you still look out for bad guys. Just like in CoD or CSGO, you can play multiplayer death match and of course, it’s absolutely free! Watch out! If someone gulps you, try running for your peg’s life and unfortunately, if you can’t make it, starting over the game will be the only option left.

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